A pleasent stroll down memory lane.  This was the my first tour.  A bus and a ship.  With witches, cooks, kids, dudes, dogs, cleavers, cloaks of titties, banjo ditties, drivers, captians, coligraphers, Jameson and forrests.  A two week adventure to the Pacific Northwest.  Remember Stars and Garters?

Run Away With the Carnival


     A collabrative project, still in the making.  Born in 2008,  MT Pockets Traveling Midway of Curiousities and Delights, is a traveling "dustbowl era" midway consisting of 5 carvical games,  a fortune telling booth,  and a calliope, with the Talented Sansa Asylm playing classic tunes.  Looking forward to opening the midway to the greater public once again at the Peralta Junction Atumnal Extravaganza this Fall in Oakland, Oct. - Dec.  Word.

C.I.T. Exploratorium Exhibitation 2011 "HELL HOUND"

Miles to Go, The Art Show

An art show created in the eye of a shit storm hurricane of puppies, stress, family, and loss.  Well put together poorly attended due to a 20 inch blanket of snow smothering the city of Denver.  Life not without its tragic comedies, we are left to vew only on the internet and never again in real life.

Tank a.k.a. Hank " The Tank" Williams

Hello there,
Meet Tank, he's a fortunate fellow that was rescued off the side of a highway.  He is a welcome addition to the greater family, and will join in on all the crazy crazy fun for, well,......a really good chunk of time.  Going theory is Tank is a Redbone Coon Hound/ Retriever mix,... which is awesome.  It was an amazing group effort to bring Tank into our lives and there are a couple van loads of kindred spitirts that deserve a good hang out and pat on the back.  If anyone feels like contributing to the vet bills contact me, it was a little chunk to get him checked out.  You can throw down through Paypal.  He is well on his way to great health,...which is awesome. word.


A work in process.  The poem is the foward to the book.

In dark warm places, hairless faces
Nuzzle for a meal.
Rats and mice, and things alike
Prefer to be concealed.
Where creatures nest, and live and rest
Is unseen by our eyes.
We hear their calls, through cracks in walls
In holes made just their size.