Summer of 2011 Pt. 5 - Bye to Jessa

     While performing the Mousetrap Caberet, in the House of Collection,  I received the news that a good friend had passed the day before.  In a tragic accident on her birthday,  Jessa Lubken was struck by a lightrail and pulled underneath,  leading to her demise shortly after in Denver General Hospital.  A serious loss for many,  and a bright light burning out way before its time.  Guess that's what happens sometimes to legendary people,... guess it makes a big part of the legend.


Summer of 2011 Pt. 4 - NEW YORK

     We met up with the bus in Philly, had a group vacay for a minute, before shit hit the fan and the carnies got ran out of town (so to speak).  Bus headed north to New york, Queens to be exact.  The Worlds Fair Grounds in Flushing Meadows would be the hosts of Maker Faire 2011. 


The Lifesize Mousetrap Silent film

Written,  performed, recorded, filmed and composed in  Lakeland Flordia.  With...
Jesse Roadkill
JD Limelight 
Jodi Waseca

MouseTrap Crew in the film
Mark Perez
Rose Harden
Moses Grubb
JD Limelight
Jodi Waseca


The Reckoning


                                    THE RECKONING




A song arranged by Roadkill in a moment of pause and reflection.  Lesson learned....... never be fooled by thinking that you are important, in the whole scheme of things..... like the universe and what not.




PHILAPEDPHIA, and the Miss RockAway Armada


              Moses and I broke from tour and headed to Philly by way of Megabus, ughhhhh.  A two week workaway vacation with the kids of the Miss Rockaway Armada was to be the new project of the time.  The merky Skookle River was the snaking body of water that held the festivities (of which we managed to miss most of).  We were welcomed with open arms and hands holding tools, ready to be used for striking and the tear down of this ram-shackle floatilla.

Summer 2011 Pt. 3 Chicago & Pittsburgh

A brief stop-off in Chicago for a festival and a little R&R.  Back on the bus, off to Pittsburgh.  The Carnegie Science Center would be our home for two weeks.  Also sharing Pittsburgh but not present, Batman.

Seriously though,.... The two weeks in Pittsburgh, out and about the city and at the Carnegie Science Center, were some of the most memorable experiences of the tour

The Summer 2011 Pt. 2. Begin Mousetrap Tour, Detroit

         After a successful arrival in Philadelphia and a few days on site, building for the Miss Rockaway Armada, it was time to part ways and meet up with the LifeSize MouseTrap in Detroit.  The Henry  Ford Center was the host for the Mousetrap and MakerFaire.  


             Walls as fragile as lace, tons and tons of brick, concrete, and rebar; folded, twisting and curling up on the ground.  Building after forgotten building.  We explored, with flashlight in hand, with eyes wide open.  We inhaled black mold and lead paint chips, string particles of undiscovered proteins.  The shell of a city.  A decaying Detroit.

The Summer of 2011 Pt. 1


             It began with a camping trip, and 4th of July celebration and then an adventure across the country.  We towed a boat, a ferris wheel, a metric ton of gear, and two fine lads.  Yadda, yadda, yadda, we arrived in Philly.



The thunder of engines roar, the adreniline takes control, four sets of eyes meet from across the arena.  To the death?.....Yes my friend, to the death.  Behold the wonder of Cardburg Supertrack 2012, in its inception to its reception.

Mexico 2012

       Another mural, another exciting adventure with good friends Nina and Tony Bones.  Rounding up a five month series of travel with a whimsical Mexican roadtrip thick with jungles, beaches, mud, booze and buds.